Anupama 25th June 2022 Written Update:

Anupama 25th June 2022 Written Update on

In the present episode, Anupama takes the brush from the Hasmuk. She vindicates Rakhi by brushing her feet with the floor more clean. Rakhi flies off the handle. Anupama says notwithstanding knowing none strolls in Shah house with the shoe, she strolled. She cleans the floor. Leela asks Anupama for what reason she is doing. Anupama requests that Leela let her do. Anuj asks Hasmuk as opposed to cleaning the floor he ought to have visited park with GK.

Rakhi insults Anupama for cleaning the floor regardless of being Kapadia. Anupama asks Rakhi not to pass judgment on the difficult work. Rakhi says she figured out how Barkha disregarded Shah’s at house warming party. Kinjal side Anupama and inquires as to whether she didn’t figured out how Anupama dealt with the circumstance. Rakhi asks Kinjal where she has been. Kinjal tell to Rakhi that she was at Anupama’s home. Pakhi converses with Adhik over call. Adhik tells Pakhi that he enjoys chatting with her. A while later, Rakhi reports about Kinjal’s child shower.

Anupama and Leela stand against Rakhi. They maintain that Rakhi should do the child shower at Shah’s place. Rakhi contends with Anupama and Leela. Anupama says Vanraj and Kavya isn’t at home along these lines Kinjal’s child shower can defer. Rakhi gets resolved. Kinjal sides Anupama and Leela. She consents to finish her child shower at Shah house. Rakhi gets resolute and says assuming that place Shah’s will pick than date she will choose. Anupama concurs upon Rakhi. Rakhi requests that Shah’s plan for Kinjal’s child shower to the earliest.

Leela says Vanraj and Kavya are not at home. Rakhi gets resolved and says Kinjal’s child shower will happen following day. Anupama and Anuj ask Leela not to stress as they will do the game plans. Hasmuk choose to chat with Vanraj and Leela. Rakhi says Paritosh and Vanraj are jobless and the way that they will do the plan.

Samar says Vanraj isn’t jobless and is running the house. Rakhi inquires as to whether he has turned Vanraj’s fan after Anupama. Anupama inquires as to whether she has an issue. Rakhi adds Anuj is rich and can help them. She chooses to call Kapadia’s as well. Leela says just Anupama, Anuj and GK are welcomed. She adds Barkha and her family are not welcomed. Anupama and Anuj stand stunned. Rakhi gets cheerful. Hasmuk apologizes to Anupama and Anuj for Leela’s activity.

Barkha shares with Ankush that she prefers seeing him accomplishing the work. She shares a discussion and says at Shah house some show may be stacking as Vanraj called multiple times. Ankush says Anupama and Anuj are developed. Somewhere else, Anupama attempts to persuade Leela to welcome Kapadia’s as well. Leela gets resolute. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Hasmuk welcome Kapadia’s for Kinjal child shower. Vanraj finds out about the capability. Leela choose to hang tight for Vanraj

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