Anupama 19th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Today’s episode starts with Pakhi saying to Anupama why again Jalebi and Fafada. Leela says why not because they are ‘Gujrati’. Anupama, Kavya, Kinjal and others count Guajarati’s speciality right from Dandiya, Dhokla and Jalebi-Fafada. Shah’s laugh. There, Samar tell to Anuj that Rohan is calling him. Anuj asks Samar to put the call on speaker. Rohan asks Samar if he will go to the police than he too will go to the jail as he has a rod who has his finger print. Samar gets angry and challenge Rohan yet again by saying in tonight’s dandiya celebration he will fight with him. Rohan accepts the challenge. Anuj scold Samar for challenging Rohan.

There, Shah’s get excited for playing dandiya. Pakhi tell there is prize for the couple who will perform best dandiya and garba. She says to Leela and Hasmuk to win the title. Kavya says she too can win along with Vanraj. Pakhi says in the past none from their house won the title as Vanraj and Anupama never performed couple dandiya. Leela says this year too Anupama is alone. Anupama says she is not bothered as she just want to spend time with her family. Nandini offer sweets to Leela but latter refuse to take. Vanraj and Anupama wait for Samar to report to police.

Other side, Samar manipulate Anuj and insists him to mark his presence in the dadiya party. Anuj decide to inform Anupama about reporting in the tonight dandiya. He fear if his presence will do anything wrong with Anupama. Anupama and Vanraj asks Samar if his friend is fine. Partiosh asks Samar if he is stupid by not dropping message before leaving. Samar apologize to Shah’s. Vanraj and Anupama asks Samar to accompany them to the police station. Samar refuse to report to the police station. He says on the festival day he don’t want to trouble them.

Anuj plans for security at dandiya party. He also decide to learn more about Rohan’s background. Later, Anuj dreams of gifting lehenga to Anupama. Devika decide to help Anuj in gifting lehenga to Anupama. Devika gift Anupama lehenga. Anupama gets smitten seeing the lehenga. Kinjal and Pakhi gets excited too. Vanraj receives a note kept in the gift and stands stunned.

Precap: Anupama welcome Anuj in the dandiya party. Shah’s celebrate the festival. Rohan hide and attack on Anupama.

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