Anupama 13th August 2022 Written Update:

Anupama 13th August 2022 Written Update on

Leela and Hasmukh meet Vanraj. Vanraj holds their hand. Kavya remarks that specialists gave pain reliever to V, yet there is no pain reliever for guardians’ aggravation seeing their child in this condition. Hasmukh urge Vanraj to get well soon to play with his grandkids. Vanraj signals how is Anuj. Leela says he is in activity theater and says he really want not stress as she won’t trust even god assuming he says that Vanraj is behind the mishap.

Adhik calls Barkha, however her telephone isn’t reachable. Anupama solaces GK and checks the OT out. Toshu solaces her and requests that she return home and rest for at some point. Anupama says she won’t leaving Anuj in this condition and requests that he get a few milk and bread rolls for Leela, Hasmukh, and GK and some sugar water for her as she is feeling tipsy.

Toshu brings juice for her. Apne To Apne Hote Hain… tune plays in foundation. Kavya proposes Dolly that she ought to accept Little Anu to medical clinic as she really wants mummy. Cart feels frustrated about Little Anu. Pakhi says even she will go with Dolly. Anupama reviews Anuj sending her a voice note and plays it. She hears a heartfelt shayari and envisions Vanraj sitting close to her and presenting it, communicating his adoration for her. She gets into her detects when Samar shakes her and takes her out to meet Little Anu and Pakhi.

Anu embraces them and says she had squeeze however didn’t get energy and got vigorous when she saw them. Pakhi gets some information about Vanraj. Anupama says he is fine. Little Anu gets some information about her dad. Pakhi says even he will be fine. Little Anu shows her, Anuj, and Anupama’s photographs and gives her arm band for Anuj. Pakhi feels remorseful for harming Anuj’s opinions and says she will apologize him once he recovers.

Kavya meeets Vanraj. Vanraj reviews the mishap. Kavya says she thought they have changed, yet she actually cherishes him tremendously. She inquires as to whether he followed through with something. He mumbles something in her ears. She leaves his medical clinic room. Cart gets some information about Little Anu and removes her and Pakhi.

Kavya races to Anupama and sends her to Vanraj’s room. Vanraj says Anuj. Anupama says Anuj is going through activity. Vanraj says he pushed Anuj from the precipice. Anupama is stunned to hear that. Vanraj’s condition more terrible. Samar opens entryway and hears their discussion. Specialist visits him and asks him not to talk. Anupama asks what befell him unexpectedly. Specialist says he is fretful and gives him resting infusion.

Samar lets Anupama know that he heard Vanraj tolerating to push Anuj from the bluff. Anupama will not completely accept that that Vanraj pushed Anuj down as he is irritable yet can’t kill anybody, perhaps he needed to say something different. Barkha arrives at clinic and asks Ankush and Adhik how the mishap occurred.

Ankush inquires as to whether she pushed Anuj from the precipice. Barkha denies and says however she definitely disapproves of Anuj, she can’t imagine hurting him. She gets some information about Anuj’s condition. Adhik says his condition is basic and he is going through activity. Barkha looks stunned.

Specialist emerges from OT and illuminates Anupama that Anuj’s condition is as yet basic. Leela gets some information about Vanraj. Specialist says his condition is better and when his important bodily function boundaries settle, they will move him to an ordinary room. He requests that they choose a room.

Leela asks toshu what doctored mean. Toshu makes sense of the various rooms in the clinic as per financial plan. Leela says even clinic has become like an inn. Anupama requests that Toshu book an exclusive space for Toshu. Leela says her child is a working class man and subsequently they ought to move him to a typical room. Toshu says even he is jobless or probably would have thought about a special room. He requests that Hasmukh return home and rest. Hasmukh requests that Anupama call him assuming need be and leaves for home.

Precap: Leela sincerely coerces Anupama not to get her Vanraj captured.

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