Ajooni 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update:

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Episode starts with PA expects Ajooni’s family as workers. He arranges them to serve visitors. Subhash acquaints his family with him. Dad apologizes to him. Ravinder undermines somebody on a call. Dad acquaints Subhash with Ravinder. Media individuals comes there. Ravinder acquaints Subhash with media individuals. He clicks photograph with him.

Harvinder comes there. Media individuals attempts to click his photograph. He chides them for clicking his photograph without his consent. Ravinder tells Subhash that Harvinder is his oldest child. Media columnist asks Ravinder that for what good reason the last choosed a working class young lady for Rajveer. Ravinder says that he don’t separate among rich and poor.

Rajveer’s mom acquaints her family women with Ajooni’s loved ones. She gets some information about their visitors. Bindu says that they couldn’t welcome anybody on account of Rajveer. Beeji tells her that they had opportunity and energy to welcome anybody. Rajveer’s mom and Bindu insults each other by implication. Rajveer’s mom requests that Dolly show their place to them and leaves from that point.

Ravinder presents Mr. Chawla to Subhash. Mr. Chawla says that he knows Subhash in light of the fact that Subhash working at his college. He adds that Subhash is understudies most loved teacher. Ravinder requests that they talk and leaves from that point. Mr. Chawla gets some information about leave in light of the fact that the last option is Ravinder’s relative at this point.

Afterward, they performs Rajveer and Ajooni’s haldi service. Minister says that Subhash and Neeru needs to wash Rajveer’s feet. Bindu says that they have close to zero insight into that custom. Bebe powers Subhash and Neeru play out the custom. In the interim, Ajooni requests that God invigorate her. Harvinder’s companions tattles about Rajveer and Ajooni. Meher hears their discussion. She cautions them to not abuse about Ajooni. Harvinder sees everything. Bharat falls on the floor since he stepped on sleek floor. Cart chuckles at him.

Afterward, Bindu and Meher carries Ajooni to marriage mandap. Rajveer gets hypnotized seeing Ajooni. Aman lets Dolly know that Ajooni looking delightful. Cart tells her that Ajooni looks wonderful on account of make-up. She adds that she looks hot today despite the fact that she isn’t lady of the hour.

Cleric requests that Rajveer and Ajooni trade varmala. Rajveer and Ajooni takes varmala. Ajooni won’t put varmala on Rajveer. Everybody gets stunned hearing her. She says that Rajveer needs to satisfy her condition. Bebe chastens her. Ajooni tells her that Rajveer previously consented to satisfy her condition.

Rajveer reviews that what Ajooni said in the Gurdwara. Bebe asks them that what is the condition. Ajooni says that Rajveer needs to apologize to her loved ones. Bebe and Ravinder questions Ajooni’s childhood. Subhash asks Ajooni that what is this. She requests that he not stop her today. Rajveer says that he will apologize without a doubt. He is sorry to Ajooni’s loved ones. He lets Ajooni know that he can do anything for her. Ravinder says that this marriage will not occur now.

Precap – Bebe says that they changes their girl in regulation’s name. Rajveer says that he as of now choosed a name for Ajooni. Ajooni says that she won’t change her name.

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