Aggar Tum Na Hote 21st January 2022 Written Update:

Episode starts with Ram and Gajendra battles with one another. Others attempts to stop the battle. Shagun gets stressed reasoning that her arrangement will be demolished in the event that Saira recognized her. Amma requests that Ram and Gajendra stop. Gajendra lets Ram know that he won’t allow unfairness to occur with Niyati in light of the fact that she is his girl. He says that Abhimanyu went out on the grounds that he attempted to isolate him from Shagun. He advises him that Abhimanyu lost his recollections since he took electric shock treatment during Niyati and Anand’s marriage ceremonies. He requests that he gain something from Niyati.

He says that Niyati making an honest effort to fix Abhimanyu however Ram making dramatization as opposed to supporting his little girl. Manorama argues Ram to quiet down and illuminates him that both Niyati and Abhimanyu are not in the house. Saira goes into the house and cries embracing Sulochna. Smash and Gajendra asks Saira that what occurred with her. She illuminates them that she went to Dr Sharma’s home according to Anand request. Anand asks her that what occurred there. She uncovers that Dr Sharma gave additional electric shock to Abhimanyu and they stole her.

Gajendra asks her that who stole her. She says that she didn’t saw their face however she recollect the young ladies face who was with her in Lucknow house. He gets some information about address. She illuminates him the region name. He calls DCP and illuminates him about Saira’s grab. He requests that Saira help out Police in examination and not get terrified. Shagun trusts that her companions will not get found out by Police. After some time, Police takes Saira with them. Dinakar follows them.

Niyati arrives at the house. Amma gets some information about Abhimanyu. She illuminates them that what occurred. Manorama says that Abhimanyu vowed to her so he will not do that. Niyati tells her that she took a stab at calling him yet couldn’t get in touch with him. Smash jokingly tells her that she left everything for Abhimanyu yet presently he left her. He advises her that she tested that she will reside cheerfully with her significant other and where is her better half at this point. He requests that Sulochna pack Niyati’s stuff. Anand grins hearing him. Niyati attempts to say something yet Ram stops her. She lets him know that the issue is confounded. He tells her that Abhimanyu loves Shagun and he flee from home as well so what else he needs to see now.

Shagun argues them to not include her in their family issues and dislike Abhimanyu flee with her. Furthermore she came to explain this just so Niyati doesn’t carry hooligans to compromise her again and she leaves from that point.

Smash says that Niyati needs to leave with him now. Amma lets him know that Niyati is their girl in law. Niyati lets Ram know that something is off-putting and shows the mouthorgan to them saying that Abhimanyu didn’t take it with him which demonstrates that something occurred with him. Smash tells her that she additionally ended up being distraught by remaining with Abhimanyu.

Anand says that Niyati overthinking. She says that she will discover reality. Smash takes the firearm from safety officer. He takes steps to commit suicide in the event that Niyati don’t consent to get back with him then which shocks everybody. He requests that she pick either him and Abhimanyu. Manorama requests that Niyati leave with Ram.

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